Thursday, May 10, 2007

Public Display Of Too Much Affection....So Disgusting!

Okay, as a Filipina and an Asian, I lean towards a more conservative outlook when it comes to sexual morality. Of course, as an old foggy, I know that the younger generation sees me as a prude. Hey, I may be conservative and old-fashioned, but I am not naive. I have two brothers, several uncles, male cousins and a father and I know how men are when it comes to sexual behavior. However, this exposure to the male species does not make me feel comfortable when I see public displays of affection.
Yes, I've seen foreign films where even high school kids go necking in hallways, inside their cars, on the pavement, and almost everywhere. These films should have made me immune to foreplay, but I guess seeing it done in real life is another thing, whether I see it here or abroad. Of course, I am more tolerant of seeing caucasians go at it, but I will never get over witnessing blatant acts of passion so wildly displayed in public by Filipinos and other Asians.
So far, here in the Philippines, I have witnessed milder versions of PDA's. Thank God for that! Holding hands, I have no problems with. Even a boy's arm around his girl's shoulders is still tolerable. But too much of octopus hands and lots of hand movements on torsos or below the belt areas are way too creepy. I also feel so uncomfortable when I see sweethearts guzzling necks in public and rubbing their torsos against each other like cats. One time, I saw a couple eating each other's face in a close embrace. Granted, they were inside their garden but anyone walking the street could see what was happening. YUCK! Get a room, please!
I just feel that sometimes these exhibitionists do such acts to make a spectacle of themselves. It is as if they are saying, "Look, I have a sweetheart and see how in love we are. Aren't you envious of our passion?" Okay, okay, so you are so in love and would like the world to witness your passion, but please, spare my eyes such dastardly deeds. I am not interested in your sex life. No need to flaunt that you are very physical with your sweetheart.
When will some people see that necking and petting need to be done in private? Why is there such a need to display their sexuality in front of everyone who are within view? What are they trying to prove--that they are modern and liberal and free to do what they like? I just don't get it. I know that those people who practice more restraint in public can be very sensual and sexual in private.
What can I say? Be affectionate in public, but do so with propriety and respect for the sensibilities of other people. If you cannot do that, please find a room and lock yourselves in. It can be any room. Heck, it can be inside a public toilet or a dressing room. Just make sure no one has to witness what you are doing short of undressing and actual penetration.