Wednesday, November 22, 2006

For Christ's sake!

Okay, here it goes. When non-Muslims make fun of Allah or say anything derogatory about Islam, Muslims usually react violently. However, when anyone uses the name of Jesus in vain or mock the Christian faith, Christians tend to shrug it off as if it is okay. So you hear the name of Jesus being used like a cuss word..."Jesus! Are you dumb or something?" or "Christ, you are so stupid!" In other words, it is like saying "damn it."

Well, damn it, it is not okay. Unfortunately, the Christian faith has always espoused grace and forgiveness so Christians like me need to be more tolerant, more forgiving and more gracious even if the mockery goes on and on and on especially on films.

Hey, people! If you hate Christians for being hypocritical or judgemental(and I can't blame some for thinking so), then just hate the Christians without dragging Jesus Christ into the picture. I mean he didn't deserve to be crucified, whether you believe he died for our sins or not, or whether you believe he was just a man and not God. He didn't do anything against humanity, so please stop using his name in vain. Why not use the name of the actual Christians you hate instead of Jesus Christ..."Pat Robertson! Are you dumb or something?" or "Bush, you are so stupid!" Isn't that a lot more fair?

Of course, if Christians would react the way Muslims react when the latter's faith is attacked, then I think others will be more respectful of the Christian faith. Fortunately, that is not the case or the world, being what it is today, will plunge into total chaos. Hey, I am not saying that the people known as Christians are not guilty of any crime. But these so-called Christians usually don't react violently when insults are hurled at Christianity. For crying out loud, some even say Jesus Christ was a homosexual while some say he had a sexual relationship with Mary Magdalene. Can you imagine what saying that Allah was a homo or that he had been dallying with a prostitute will do to the Muslim world? How about saying the same thing of Buddha? Then you will understand why I get pissed off by the way this world treats Jesus' name.

If you are just a Christian by accident and not by choice, then I understand your complacency. Jesus Christ doesn't mean much to you. But for Christ's sake, fellow Christians by choice, be more vigilant and less accepting of how this world treats Jesus Christ.

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